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What is Grab Hire?

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Grab hire is a service where a lorry comes and disposes of your waste with a hydraulic arm. The lorry typically drives up to where your waste is located and the hydraulic arm reaches down, picks up your debris and deposits it into the lorry container. They will then drive away and dispose of the waste appropriately at a waste transfer station.

When is grab hire the right service for you?

Grab hire is the perfect solution when you need to dispose of heavy materials or a wide range of materials. There'll be no need for multiple trips as a grab hire is designed to carry heavy loads to recycling plants or waste transfer stations.

Who would need a grab hire?

There are many people that would need a grab hire, such as:

Home Renovation Teams- Home renovation teams need grab hires to clear homes of old personal possessions and furniture ready for renovation and refurbishment.

Gardeners- Gardeners need grab hire to clear heavy and large loads that cannot be disposed of through skips alone because they are too big and too heavy to be moved through traditional means.

Property developers- property developers can use grab hire to transport waste and materials. Similar to home renovation teams.

Builders- Builders can take advantage of grab hire as it will not only cut costs of waste disposal but also make the disposal easier as they will not need to drive their waste to a transfer plant, but rather have it driven for them.

Waste ideal for grab hire:

Grab hire lorries are permitted to take a wide range of different waste materials, waste that can be taken and recycled include:

  • Earth/soil

  • Concrete bricks

  • Hardcore and topsoil

  • Bricks

  • Garden and tree waste

  • General non-hazardous waste

Waste that can be taken but will most likely be sent to a licensed waste disposal site includes:

  • General waste

  • Rubble

  • Hazardous waste

Waste not suitable for grab hire includes:

  • Asbestos

  • Paint

  • Oil

  • Batteries

  • Tyres

  • Some hazardous waste

  • Gas bottles

Where should I leave my waste to be collected?

This is crucial to the efficiency of its removal. It must be left in an open space with plenty of clearance around each side. It should be situated away from low-hanging trees or foliage and should be significantly clear of all overhead cables. The driver should then be able to pull up alongside the waste, ready for collection.

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