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Waste Management Glossary

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

When the time comes for you to hire a skip or other waste management services, there are some terms you should learn so as not to get confused when going through the hiring process. Here are some of the basics:

Builders Waste

Waste consisting of typical building materials such as wood, wiring, nails etc...

Non-Hazardous Waste

Waste that doesn't pose a risk to anyone when being disposed of such as wood, metal etc...

Hazardous Waste

Waste that does pose a risk while being disposed of such as asbestos, plasterboard etc...

General Waste

Waste that cannot be recycled. this should be collected separately from regular recyclable waste.

WEEE Waste

WEEE stands for waste electricals and electronic equipment, this includes everything form everyday household appliances such as fridges and freezers, to phones and Tv's.

Cubic Yard

The measurement of volume in space (1 cubic yard= 1 Yard x 1 Yard x 1 Yard)


Any waste that does not contain iron or items relating to iron (ferrous deriving from the latin word "ferrum" meaning iron)


Any waste that does contains iron to items relating to iron (ferrous deriving from the latin word "ferrum" meaning iron)

Wait and Load

A process where a skip gets delivered to your location for a short period of time, in which you load the skip and it gets taken away to be disposed of after the time limit is up.


Roro (roll on roll off) are waste containers ranging from 20-40 yards, these are for commercial disposal such as commercial construction sites.


Waste produced as a result of a business operation.

Grab Hire

A grab hire lorry is capable of moving large amounts of waste to another location minimising manual labour.

Maxi Skips

Used for commerical reasons, this can hold large amounts of waste, such as wood and other construction materials (100-150 bin bags)

Midi Skips

The seocnd smallest skip, and tends to be used for domestic waste. This skip can hold 50-60 black bin bags.

Mini Skips

The smallest skip avalible, this tends to be used for small domestic use and can hold 20-30 bin bags.

Skip Hire Permit

If you are planning on placing your skip on a public road, then you need a skip hire permit issued by the local council.

Public Highway

A public highway is shared piece of land whether that be public property or a public road, this means you need a skip hire permit if you wish to place a skip on the land.

Enclosed Skips

An enclosed skip is a skip with a lid that prevents waste spilage.

Waste Transfer Station

A site the waste is delivered to. Here, the waste is sorted into waste streams before being disposed of properly.

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