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How To Save Money When Hiring A Skip

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Whether you're performing an extensive garden project or moving home, a skip is helpful in

many situations, however, they can get expensive.

Skip hire can vary from company to company, some are cheaper than others, some include hidden charges and some are straight up with their pricing.

In this article, we will tell you how to save money when hiring a skip.

Size Of The Skip.

The bigger the skip, the heftier the price. The most efficient way to reduce your skip cost and potentially save you hundreds is by hiring a smaller skip. The downside is if you hire one too small for your waste you'll either be burdened with the extra waste you couldn't dispose of, or be charged a fee for overfilling. By going the opposite side of scale however and choosing one too big, you are spending more money than is necessary and therefore being cost inefficient.

Avoid Overfilling.

Overfilling a skip can result in extra fees which in the long run can cost you more money than the appropriate size would initially cost you. Overfilling also jeopardises the safety of not only yourself but the people around you. The most effective way to avoid overfilling is to only fill the skip to the recommended line, and protect your skip from the public; as fly tipping is classed as your responsibility unless you can prove it was a fly-tipper who placed the waste in the skip.

Place On Private Property

In order to place a skip on public property, you need a skip permit, which usually costs extra cash upfront in order to cover that. However, if you place a skip on your own private property such as a driveway or front garden you do not need a permit, therefore saving you some money.

Considering Alternatives.

Skip hire isn't the only way to dispose of waste, Grab hire is a flexible way to dispose of a large volume of waste without needing a skip as it puts the waste directly in a lorry, dealing with your disposal directly. This is a common method in large, commercial sites as it can result in a cheaper overall price.

The best way to save money however is by choosing a skip hire service you trust, that can consistently provide you with the best prices in the industry while also providing you with a reliable service. Why not contact the experts on 0121 504 3333, or visit our skip page:

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