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How To Prepare For Your Skip

Picture this.

You've just hired a skip to begin your project of clearing out the area and enjoying a nice clean premise but the job isn't done yet, you need to make sure your skip arrives as smoothly as possible and the way you do this is by preparing for its arrival.

In this article, we will help you understand the best practices for preparing for the arrival of your skip.

Remove All Hazards

Your site must be properly prepared for the skip which includes removing all hazards from the site area and checking if your skip will fit in the desired area. Removing these obstacles will ensure that the delivery runs smoothly and doing this before the delivery saves time for not only you but also the delivery driver and people on site.

Tell Your Neighbours

Skip hire delivery can be a noisy process and an especially taxing one on your neighbours. Since the lorries that deliver skips are big they may block your neighbours' drive preventing them from entering their property. Telling them not only prevents any tension that may stem from getting a skip but also allows them to plan around the time the delivery is expected to be there.

Allow For Lorry Movement

If you have narrow roads which make lorry manoeuvres difficult, it is best to let the skip hire company know ahead of time so the driver can plan around and not be shocked when they have trouble, making the entire process smoother as a result.

Arrange Hazardous Materials

Not everything can be put into a skip, so it's important to separate your waste into categories, waste that is hazardous such as batteries, canisters, and plasterboards. The other pile should be things you can put into a skip such as environmental waste and other non-hazardous materials.


In conclusion, there are a few steps you can take to create a smoother experience when dealing with skip deliveries. They mainly come down to making sure the drop off area is not only clear but also clean enough to put a skip down without issue. Most of this also comes down to common courtesy such as alerting your neighbours and not having the skip delivered too early or too late in the day.

Overall, if you follow these tips you can rest assured that your delivery will run smoothly every time.

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