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How To Avoid Overfilling Your Skip

Hiring a skip is a cost-effective and efficient way to dispose of large amounts of waste during a site clearout or move. It can however become very easy to overfill your skip, resulting in bigger costs and extra charges. This is why it's so important to choose the correct skip with the correct providers.

Why Shouldn't You Overfill A Skip?

Not only can it easily fall out, but it can actually result in extra charges because of the extra weight. It also causes hazards for anyone walking or driving past your skip as the materials can fall off the top of the skip and cause damage to that person/vehicle.

How High Can I Fill My Skip?

Every skip has a max fill line located on the side of the skip, this indicates how far you can fill your skip up to in order to be safe and avoid any pesky fees.

What Happens When I Overfill My Skip?

You could be landed with a fine when you overfill your skip, this acts as a deterrent to stop people overloading skips and endangering the public. If some of your waste falls out of your skip without being tidied after, you may be charged with littering.

If you have hired a skip and filled it to the max fill line, however, and have more waste to dispose of, it is worth hiring a second skip to dispose of the extra waste. Ideally, you want to get your waste in one fair swoop, not only saving you time but also money as well.

How To Choose The Correct Skip Size

So how do you choose the correct skip?

Reputable skip providers such as Site Management Services (Central) ltd. will have skips for every occasion. Typically speaking, you want to follow this guideline-

  • 2 Yard skip (25 Black Bags)

  • 4 Yard skip (45 Black Bags)

  • 6 Yard skip (65 Black Bags)

  • 8 Yard skip (85 Black Bags)

  • 10 Yard skip (105 Black Bags)

  • 12 Yard skip (125 black bags)

  • 14 Yard skip (145 Black Bags)

  • 16 Yard skip (170 Black Bags)

  • 18 Yard skip (195 Black Bags)

This scale should provide you with an accurate way of measurement against skip sizes and how much waste you can put in without overloading the skip. The most common skip hired called "the builders skip" is an 8 Yard skip, this tends to be enough for most building sites however depending on your site size and clearout job you may need something either bigger or smaller.

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