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3 Reasons you NEED a welfare unit

Welfare unit hire

A construction site is a hive of activity where workers are continually on the move, carrying

out demanding tasks in all sorts of weather conditions. To safeguard their well-being and comply with health and safety guidelines, every construction site must have a sheltered space for workers. This is where construction welfare units become invaluable, regardless of the site's size. In this article, we will explain the 3 reasons you need a welfare unit on your next site.

  1. Facilitating a rest area At its heart, a welfare unit serves as a refuge for construction workers. The nature of construction work is physically taxing and tough, but a welfare unit offers a haven for staff to rest and find shelter from changeable weather conditions. These units are fitted with break facilities, such as a canteen. This means appliances like microwaves and kettles can be plugged in, an essential feature for staff working long hours. Portable generators can also be used to power these amenities.

  2. Offering washroom facilities Providing the appropriate welfare facilities for staff includes the provision of a clean and functional toilet area. Welfare units, including those for hire, typically come with ample washroom spaces, which can include toilets and showers. It's paramount to have an area where workers can freshen up. These washroom facilities often include hot and cold running water with adequate lighting, ensuring construction staff have a place to maintain personal hygiene during and after shifts.

  3. Providing an office space Many welfare units, including the 10-man welfare unit, incorporate an office space alongside the canteen and washroom facilities. Having an office on-site is tremendously beneficial for administrative duties. Team leaders and managers can utilise this office space as a base for overseeing the construction project and ensuring its smooth operation. Considering that construction sites are often situated in remote areas, having an office nearby significantly improves efficiency.

In conclusion, a welfare unit, whether it's a mobile welfare unit for hire, site welfare unit for hire, or any other type of welfare unit for hire, plays an essential role in maintaining the efficiency, safety, and comfort of a construction site. It's worth noting that the cost of hiring a welfare unit per week is a small price to pay for the benefits it provides.

To summarise, the question isn't "What is a welfare unit?" but rather "How soon can we implement one?"

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