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14 Yard Skip Hire

Our 14-yard skips are an excellent choice when you need to handle substantial quantities of waste. These spacious containers are in high demand within industrial and commercial settings, such as construction sites and shops undergoing renovations, where there is a significant volume of lightweight and bulky waste to manage. Additionally, homeowners embarking on major projects like house renovations can also benefit from these larger skips.

However, it's important to note that our 14-yard skips should not be loaded with heavy materials like mud and hardcore. This restriction is in place due to weight limitations on our transport vehicles. For disposing of heavy materials, our 8-yard skip is the largest suitable option.

A 14 yard skip filled with wood

How Big Is A 14 Yard Skip

The dimensions of the 14-yard skips are 6.4ft wide, 5.7ft high and 13.9ft long. They are larger than a traditional “builders skip”. They are able to hold approximately 140 bin bags of rubbish.

Typical Uses For A 14 Yard Skip

  • Old Carpet & flooring

  • Waste from redecorating your property

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